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Can CBD Hemp Oil Be an Effective Superbug Antibiotic?

Can CBD Hemp Oil Be an Effective Superbug Antibiotic 2

There has been a lot of ongoing research about cannabidiol (CBD). Evidence suggests that this compound can help treat a myriad of diseases. However, there is new evidence that suggests its effectiveness. Reviews show that CBD can be a great superbug antibiotic. How true is this? Let’s find out.

CBD: What We Know So Far

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. This means that pure CBD oil cannot make you high. It is also non-addictive hence you can’t depend on it. CBD can also help in fighting addiction including opioid addiction. Research shows that CBD compound has anti-inflammatory properties. So, CBD hemp oil is effective in easing pain.

Different Types of CBD Products

There are various types of CBD hemp oil products that are currently in the market. So, consumers normally have a wide range of products to choose from. Below are various types of CBD oil products available in the market.

  • Tincture

This is a CBD oil product in liquid form. It is the most common form of CBD product. To use tinctures, you need to place the liquid drops under the tongue. Alternatively, you can place them along the inner linings of the cheeks. From there, CBD will get into the blood system through absorption.

  • Capsules And Pills

Capsules are usually easier to take. This is because one can make them part of the diet. A person just needs to take the capsule or the pill with water.

  • Topicals

They include lotions, salves, and lip balms infused with CBD Oil. The user needs to apply these products to the skin. Topicals are great since they provide a localized effect. You can also use them anywhere since they’re similar to other body care products.

  • Vapes

These are CBD products in vapor or smoke forms. Vapes are usually in e-cigarettes, vape pens, or vaporizer package. During usage one just inhales the product. Users find it highly effective than other forms of CBD products.

  • Concentrates

They are CBD products in liquid forms just like tinctures. However, they contain higher concentrations of CBD compound than other forms. One places the concentrate under the tongue or applies it on the linings of the cheeks. It is popular among patients who seek high potency CBD.

  • Sprays

Sprays are usually administered through the mouth. A patient just sprays the required amount in the mouth.

  • CBD Gummies

These are the most popular forms of CBD products. They are edibles such as gummies. They are affordable, portable, discreet, and tasty. Their dosages are exact. Others are available in product forms like chocolate, candies, and cookies, etc.

Can CBD Hemp Oil Be an Effective Superbug Antibiotic

Research and Studies for CBD as A Superbug Antibiotic

New research show that this compound has antibiotic properties. This means that it can be able to kill bacteria. Research studies reveal that it can kill a broad range of bacteria. In addition to that, the compound can kill some antibiotic-resistant strains. Scientists from the University of Queensland suggest that CBD can help fight against gram-positive bacterial infections. This was during the American Society for Microbiology forum where they were presenting their research.

CBD based medicine is also more effective than common antibiotics. To demonstrate this, scientists compared its action on killing bacteria in a petri-dish. Common antibiotics such as vancomycin kill between 6 to 8 hours. On the other hand, CBD was able to do this after only 3 hours.

Can We Use CBD to Fight Superbugs?

Researchers also found out that the formulation containing CBD can destroy superbugs. Superbugs are bacteria that are resistant to conventional antibiotics. The research by scientists from the University of Queensland was done in collaboration with Botanix Pharmaceuticals. Botanix is a company that produces CBD-based products for sale to the public.  More research shows that novel CBD formulation is also much less likely to cause bacterial resistance than the current antibiotics.

Although according to Mark Blaskovich, a lead researcher at Botanix, there is a lot more work to be done. There is still a need for more research to establish the effectiveness of CBD treating infections in humans. Blaskovich says that it can be fatal to try to treat a serious infection with cannabidiol alone. Additionally, researchers insist that the findings are preliminary. So, people should absolutely not treat infections with CBD until a conclusive report is made.

What Are the Future Expectations from CBD?

CBD offers promising therapeutic uses. Current results give hope and room for more research about it. However, it has a very significant limitation as a potential antibiotic. Note that this compound is seen as more effective in killing Gram-positive bacteria. However, by being ineffective in killing Gram-negative, bacteria it might not be the real deal for suppressing drug-resistant bacteria.

It’s worth noting that bacteria are not able to form resistance to CBD medication. This is because they are not able to form a biofilm. Biofilm is a crucial part of the bacteria’s infection process. It usually helps the bacteria attach to any surface of the host and survive. By cutting this survival tactic, CBD offers a big plus to the new knowledge. The future of CBD compound will play an important role in managing bacterial resistance. It will also offer a variety of medications to treat various illnesses.

The Bottom Line

Pure CBD oil can be an effective superbug antibiotic. This is because it inhibits the growth of bacteria. Besides that, there are very low chances of bacterial resistance. However, there is still a need for more research studies. This is because using CBD alone to treat bacterial infections can be dangerous. It can result in serious health complications.

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