LG’s first Android One phone is a stripped-back G7


The company is also using the opportunity to stuff a mid-range phone into the G7 family. The G7 Fit (below) again preserves the screen, but drops back to an older-still Snapdragon 821 and uses a less sophisticated 16MP rear camera (f/2.2 aperture instead of the G7 One’s brighter f/1.6). Some countries will get a version of the G7 Fit with 64GB of storage, though, and the rest of the design remains intact.

LG only plans to discuss availability and pricing on a local basis, so it’s not certain when these will be available. We wouldn’t count on them reaching your part of the globe, either. LG is clearly aiming at cost-conscious buyers who want the basic G7 formula, and that’s more likely to involve developing countries.

LG G7 Fit

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Trey Brock

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