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Fix HP Printer Installation Status- Not Installed Error  

HP printer installation status

If you want to start a connection between the operating system and HP printer then you need to install the HP printer drivers. You can’t able to print a page without the installation of the HP Printer driver in your OS. There are possibilities that you may face the error message “HP Printer installation status not installed.” You have to remove the HP Printer installation status not install error.

There is no doubt that HP is the leading brand when it comes to Printing Machine. It can be used for large scale printing and small scan printing. It is loveable by most of the users because it provides a high level of quality. On the other hand, there is the truth that it is not easy to work because sometimes it comes with the errors. Therefore, you need to make sure that you print the document in the right way. If you are facing F“HP printer installation status- not installed” error then you need to get rid of it as early as possible. With the help of the HP Support, you can get that you are facing an error. HP support can resolve the issue in just matter of sections. The highly expert team of the support is working day and night to resolve the issue.

There are several options to remove such errors. Here are some actual ideas to resolve the HP installation status not installed errors.

How to Resolve This Issue?

You can fix errors you just need to follow the step. 

  • If you want to remove the error then you need to try to reinstall the software again. 
  • Once you have done that then you can reboot the operating system for installation purposes. 
  • You have to uninstall the old version of the same software. 
  • You have to use the clean system to reinstall the required HP printer driver. 
  • Try to uninstall the HP software HP printer software by clicking on the Control Panel and then on the “Uninstall” Option. 
  • You need to try to fix the issue by using the cleanup program.

Explained reinstall the HP Printer Software 

You have to installation clean up the process gets finished. HP Printer installation status not installed error is resolved there is a need to reinstall the software. You have to follow the below step. 

  • You have to unplug the HP printer 
  • You have to reboot the system that doesn’t install a default driver. 
  • You must have to visit the website after rebooting the system. 
  • You have to install the whole software again. 
  • You need to make sure that the software you are going to install is not the older version of the HP Printing Device. 
  • Once the process of the reinstalling the HP Printer Support Device is complete then you can reconnect the printer. Even the installation process will show the same.

The HP printer also comes with some errors that happen due to excessive interruption of the corrupted registry files. There are several other reasons that error comes such as damaged rollers, wiper issues, and dust and so on. Here is the step to get rid of the error.

Fix “HP printer installation status- not installed” error

You have to through the below steps one by one and need to get rid of the error. You have to keep eyes on the steps.

1. Replace the Ink Cartridge 

You have to turn your printing machine. You need to check the level of ink into the needed part then you need to make sure that the ink is filled fully. You have to remove the ink cartridge instantly and add the new cartridge.

2. Shut down the device 

  • You need to solve this issue and you have to close your PC that you are working on. 
  • You also have to turn off the router that is currently in the use. 
  • You have to wait for several minutes and then need to take the print test. 
  1. Plugin your power card 
  • You have to simply plug in your power cord in the back of your device. 
  • Once you have a plugin then you have to install the cartridges when it asks.

3. Create a backup 

You have to get back up of all the data and information.

4. Turn on your machine 

You have completed all the steps then you have to turn on your PC and turn on your wireless router as well.


If you are using the wireless printer then you have to make an interactive connection with your PC during the start of the process. If you are still facing the trouble then you have to manually check all the things in the printer. You can download the HP Support Assistant to solve “HP printer installation status- not installed” error.

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