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Global Gantt Chart Software Market 2019

Global Gantt Chart Software Market

Project management requires managers to work on multiple projects and tasks consistently. They cannot afford to go wrong with any stage of the process. Missing a deadline is no less than a nightmare for a project manager, as it can prove to be a serious backlash. In such scenarios, it becomes helpful to have a clear view of the project schedule and to have knowledge of each task and employees who are working on each of the assigned tasks. A Gantt chart software does exactly this task. It helps project managers in planning, organizing, and delivering quality projects without running over budget. Gantt chart software is simple and easy to use, facilitating the project management process end to end. 

What are Gantt Charts?

Gantt charts provide a visual view of tasks in progress against time. These charts show crucial information such as which task has been assigned to which employee, duration of each task, and any activities that overlap each other. They facilitate planning, organizing, scheduling, and managing multiple projects, people, and tasks.

In simpler words, a Gantt chart is a timeline that shows the progression of each project in a certain timeline. It can easily be created and used to track each activity.

Why are Gantt Charts Necessary?

Gantt charts are one of the most useful tools when it comes to project management. They can easily be created and used to keep track of every activity related to the project by assessing the duration of the project, resources required, analyze the dependencies between two or more tasks, and plan the order of execution of each task to avoid any discrepancies.

Gantt charts adjust as the project moves ahead and ensure that the updated schedule is displayed to keep all parties involved in the project well informed of the progress of the project so far.

Gantt charts will assist in replacing meetings as they make problems easier to understand and task progress transparent, thereby reducing the number of meetings that need to be conducted on a routine basis. The most crucial reason why Gantt charts hold so much value is that they allow you to measure real-time project progress against a timeframe. 

Benefits of Gantt charts

Track projects 

Gantt charts allow project managers to see anything and everything related to a project in progress on a single platform. It helps in prioritizing important tasks and gives an overview of the project while providing critical information through each step from the start to end.

Improve Communication 

According to statistics, 86 percent of the employees reported that lack of communication is one of the biggest reasons for reduced work performance and workplace failures. Project managers can overcome this issue by using Gantt charts as they ensure clear communication by providing information about who is working on which task and enables project managers to provide inputs. This way, they can connect with their team members and improve relationships.

Avoid overload of resources 

Many confusions arise when too many tasks and processes are juggled at once. Gantt charts enable project managers to use available resources effectively since it allows them to visualize where each resource is being utilized. With the help of a Gantt chart, tasks can easily be delegated, and resources aligned without overburdening any employee with additional workload.

Enhance clarity 

When there are too many tasks to be completed, it often happens that employees or project managers get stuck and do not know where it leads to. This is where Gantt charts come to rescue, providing more clarity. They help in seeing the progression of tasks and how managers and their teams can move further to achieve the best results. Enhanced clarity equals to a better understanding of the projects.

Time management 

Time is the most crucial factor to consider when managing a project, as it has to complete in a given timeframe. Installing a Gantt chart software helps team members and project managers understand the necessity to complete a project in the given time, thereby avoiding delays. Project managers can easily allocate tasks against a timeframe to reach goals efficiently.

Promote transparency 

Gantt software increases accountability and transparency in the workplace. It shows every detail regarding each task, assigned team member, milestones, and ideas on a single platform, also ensuring that no employee is overburdened. Transparency enhances teamwork, honesty, and efficiency in the team.

How have Gantt Charts Changed the Market?

In 1910, when Henry Laurence Gantt invented the first Gantt chart, little did he know that in the future, it would become one of the most crucial tools for project management. A Gantt chart was invented to speed up and simplify machine shop production. However, it is now the most powerful tool for project management and automation. It is a staple tool for great project management.

Project management is no cakewalk for project managers and their teams, and over the years, Gantt charts have significantly evolved to high efficiency in planning, organizing, and scheduling projects. They help Agile teams perform to their best and keep track of each project and who each task has been assigned to. These tasks are analyzed against time, ensuring that each project does not outrun the timeframe allocated to it. 

According to a study, only 2.5 percent of the companies complete their work on time. Gantt charts have been a crucial factor over time to reduce such issues. This means that when project managers efficiently use Gantt charts, they will outperform their competitors hands down. 

Another way that Gantt chart software is changing the world is by solving the issue of budget overruns.  

A study claimed that the average cost overrun of projects undertaken by various companies is 27 percent. Gantt charts help fix a budget and ensure that project managers are well-informed of budget issues and facilitate in solving them.

Global Gantt Chart

Top 5 Global Gantt Chart Software 


PlanStreet is an online project management software that also provides 24/7 live support to its users. Its dynamic Gantt chart allows you to update plans across the board with a single click, and a “smart calendar” acts as an early-warning system, identifying delays and ever-changing issues. PlanStreet’s Gantt charts automatically recalculate task dates and dependencies as part of auto scheduling. Project managers find it easy to prioritize tasks, indent and outdent by simply dragging and dropping tasks and their attributes.  

PlanStreet allows you to manage resources and estimate how much your project would cost. Gantt charts will immediately calculate project cost and allows you to track and control expenses within budget.


Celoxis is project management software that works on an online platform. It is aimed for midsize and large businesses, helping them in planning and managing multiple complex projects. Celoxis includes tools for budgeting, resource management, time tracking, expense tracking, revenue forecasting, weekend work, and other useful features. 

Celoxis combines all real-world situations into one schedule. Users can send attachments in an email to a set of users through this platform. It includes an interactive Gantt chart that can hold more than 10,000 tasks connected to different projects. Celoxis is fully customizable and can be integrated with Excel, Salesforce, and Outlook. Deployment can be chosen to either be cloud-based or on-premise. 


Backlog is a cloud-based project management software. It is used to track issues for development teams that work with multiple design, marketing, and Information Technology (IT) teams. Backlog includes issue management, bug tracking, sub-tasking, watchlists, sharing files, and other features. Backlog uses Gantt charts to visualize daily routine for project managers and their team, as well as project workflows. Users can also input comments and suggestions for enhanced project quality.


Smartsheet is project management software with a spreadsheet interface. Smartsheet helps teams in planning, tracking, and managing projects in real-time updates. This software offers timeline tracking, project reporting, and document management. It uses Gantt charts to manage workflow. Project managers can access Smartsheet from anywhere in the world, with the help of a mobile and internet connection. The Smartsheet app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Information can be shared with team members and stakeholders on one single platform, maintaining consistency across multiple projects regardless of their size. 

Wrike is cloud-based project management software. . It is aimed at large teams and is suitable for enterprises and businesses involved in finance, tech, creative, and advertising industries. It includes Gantt charts, a workload view, calendars, and real-time updates. Project managers can structure their folders, tasks, and projects with the help of task statuses.

Wrike can be integrated with multiple tools such as Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce, and others. It is suitable for all kinds of domains, from operations and marketing to large and midsize IT companies and teams. Wrike can be subscribed on a per month basis.

Bottom Line

Before you select the right Gantt chart software, consider every aspect relating to the types of projects you work with and the size of your business, such as small, mid-size, and large businesses. With the availability of so many tools in the market, it can become quite a difficult choice for project managers. However, careful consideration and analysis is the key to choosing the right Gantt chart software for your business.

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