Four Ways How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Teaching And Learning

Four Ways How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Teaching and Learning

Artificial intelligence can be hailed as one of the best innovations out there. It has limitless applications and is redefining a lot of the things we do now. AI is now building its roots in education, hoping to take teaching and learning to a whole new level. The following are some ways how AI is revolutionizing education, and

Why Artificial Intelligence is the best technology?

Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly. While science fiction often portrays AI as robots with human-like characteristics, AI can encompass anything from Google’s search algorithms to IBM’s Watson to autonomous weapons.

Artificial Intelligence encourages personalization 

The theory of multiple intelligence says that humans are good in various aspects. This also means that no one single teaching style fits all learners. But the case is that the current educational system mostly implements a single teaching method to all students. There are teachers who try to become crafty, but the curriculum is nonetheless based on an inefficient teaching style. 

AI brings about personalization to learning, making it tailored-fit to the learning needs of individual students. This approach can help make studying more interesting, and a lot more effective. 

AI is known to analyze the behavior of people to help understand one’s interests and preferences, and then coming about with recommendations that address these like how athletic shoes can be recommended to online shoppers who have been buying sports gear. The same can be applied to students. By bring about discussions that are in line with the student’s interests, the results are expected to be more positive. 

Artificial Intelligence helps teachers focus on more crucial topics 

Nowadays, teachers do everything. Coming up with a lesson plan and the required materials, presenting and discussing, giving exams and home works, and then grading these. Coming up with tools that can lift some of these tasks can help teachers focus on actually teaching. 

A lot of work is now being automated. AI can help automate some of the teachers’ works such as grading tests at the very least. Chatbots, an application of AI that helps in customer relations, are usually used to answer frequently asked questions by customers. The same can be applied on an educational perspective where AI can also be used to help answer basic student questions while teachers can focus on topics that require a more humanistic approach. 

With AI, the workload of teachers can be lighter, enabling them to concentrate on meeting the learning needs of students. 

Artificial Intelligence can dig deeper into the learning needs of students 

The current educational system somehow puts the blame of failing exams to the students. While there are cases that students do not really give out all their best in exams, this, of course, is not solved by simply giving them low scores. It can even discourage them from studying harder because they will be made to believe that they are just not smart enough. 

AI has the power to dig deeper into test results, identifying areas where students are doing well, and where improvement is needed. This can help bring about a truly objective way of understanding students’ strengths and weaknesses and help come up with effective solutions to address these. Again, a personalized teaching style to match the students’ individual strengths and weaknesses would be of great use. All these are some of the reason why AI may just be the best technology for education. 

Artificial Intelligence can engage students more 

Just as AI is said to help improve customer engagement, AI can also help engage students more. Being disinterested is a major deterrent to learning and AI can help defeat this to foster an environment of true learning. 

The major culprit of having disengaged students is implementing an inflexible curriculum. Again, this is a mistake lodged on to an inefficient teaching methodology that still riddles the educational system of today. Having a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching encourages a boring classroom and fails to help all the students learn. 

With AI’s power to understand the interests of students, and then to come up with recommendations to tap these interests, boredom can be defeated and learning will ensue. 

Artificial Intelligence Is the Future of Education 

It is undeniable that artificial intelligence can redefine the educational landscape we know now. AI has the capabilities to revolutionize learning so that students’ learning needs can be effectively and efficiently addressed. 

Final thought

Artificial intelligence can redefine the way teachers teach, and how students study, and this will definitely help the future generations be equipped with the knowledge that can spell an even brighter future for mankind. AI is indeed a powerful tool. It can really be the best technology that education can tap into.


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