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All You Need to Know About Phentermine – The Magical Drug for Weight Loss to Put Your Body Into Greater Shape

All You Need to Know About Phentermine

If you are overweight, you already know how difficult it is to shed the stubborn fat from your body. Most of the time, even if you control your appetite you don’t lose weight. According to the report of the American Heart Association, approximately 155 million Americans over the age of 20 are overweight. This is exactly where phentermine comes into the picture. It is a drug that is used by obese people to lose weight. This doctor-prescribed diet-pill is viewed as an antidote for obesity by helping them in keeping their hunger in check. However, this pill is recommended only to those who have a significantly higher BMI or Body Mass Index than the normal range for their height and age. 

How does phentermine work 

Phentermine is classified as an anorectic. This is actually an agent that eliminates a person’s appetite. By stimulating the release of brain chemicals, phentermine manipulates your mind to lessen your appetite. This makes you eat less and feel full. It has also the power to decrease the absorption of things including fat and starch. This way, your calorie intake is minimized. This diet pill is used only if a doctor has prescribed you. If you are using this drug, you have to maintain a proper diet chart and an exercise program designed specifically for you. It is only this way that the phentermine results can be seen. If you want to know more about it, you can even read phentermine reviews. 

How to lose weight with phentermine 

If you want to lose weight using phentermine, you have to follow these points – 

See a doctor 

Phentermine has a chemical composition that is similar to what is there in amphetamines. It can lead to having severe side effects such as a racing heart and dizziness. Also, it may react with other medications as well including antidepressants. So the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is see a doctor and tell them what other medications you are taking. 

Create a plan 

As phentermine is an appetite suppressant, your body will start creating resistance to it. This makes it all the more important for you to learn how to make healthy choices. If the study of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is to be believed, you need to cut 500-1000 calories from your daily intake if you want to lose one or two pounds a week. 

Exercise regularly 

Yes, you need to exercise daily even if you are taking phentermine. In order to start, go for a 30-minutes’ walk regularly. You can even do other exercises that are not too strenuous. This is a very important thing to do if you want to lose weight with phentermine. If you make this a habit, you will be able to continue this after the completion of your phentermine course as well. Exercising regularly will help you lose weight and tone your muscles. This way, you will be able to avoid sagging skin which is often the result of frequent weight loss. 

Keep yourself hydrated 

With the phentermine results are attached some side effects and dry mouth is one of them. In order to prevent this, always keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least 30-64 ounces of water every day. 

How much weight can you lose with phentermine? 

Well, weight loss is not the same for every person taking this diet pill. It varies from person to person. There are some factors on which it depends on including the dosage of the drug taken, your gender, your starting weight, the diet that you follow and other environmental and genetic variables. There are many studies that have been done on how much weight you can lose with phentermine. 

Studies on the effect of phentermine 

In a 2005 Korean study on phentermine’s effects on weight loss, data on 34 men and women were collected. The subjects were given 37.5 mg of phentermine HCL per day and were asked to follow 1500-calories per day diet. The subjects lost 16.5 lbs. after 14 weeks of study. 

In a 1968 study on phentermine results, published in the British Medical Journal, data on three groups of 36 women each were collected. Two of these groups were given phentermine to measure their weight loss. 15 mg per day continuously was given to the first group and the second group was given the same dose every other month. Both of those groups were on a 1000-calorie diet. While the first group lost 27 lbs, the second group lost 28.7 lbs over the period. 

Bottom line

These studies suggest that not all have the same results after consuming the phentermine diet pill. Now that you know all about phentermine, make sure that you consult a doctor before buying phentermine and do check the phentermine reviews.


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