Intel’s new laptop CPUs focus on gigabit Wi-Fi and voice commands


Intel’s updated U-series processors are still meant for slightly beefier ultraportables, but they’ll feel faster than last year’s models thanks to that integrated gigabit Wi-Fi. And the new audio DSP could be useful if you’re juggling Cortana and Alexa at the same time. To make sure you’re getting a new U-series model, computers with these new processors will have a bright yellow “Optimized for Connectivity” printed below Intel’s logo. That’s a clunky way to differentiate them, but at least discerning buyers have something to look out for.

Intel claims the new U-series CPUs are up to 6.5X faster than a five-year-old system in 4K video encodes, when comparing the i5-8265U to the i5-8400U. In real-world figures, that means you should be able to encode 4K video in real-time (or at least, much closer to it than before). Additionally, Intel says the refreshed chips are also twice as fast in World of Tanks, when compared to a five year old machine. That’s not too surprising though, given how far the company’s integrated graphics have come.

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Trey Brock

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