Five Ways to Turn Your Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day into a Better One


When was the last time you woke up in a mood and was impossible to shake? Today? Yesterday? Last week? Yeeeeeeeeep. We’ve all been there and it certainly doesn’t help to have someone else point it out. (Sorry!)

 The other day I was driving to work and found myself behind a woman who possessed all the qualities I cannot STAND about a driver. She took her sweet time turning corners and stopped in the middle of the road to let someone cross the street (even though it was not a crosswalk). So when I saw her turn her blinker on to get in line at Starbucks on Marshall and Selling (my desintation— shout out STP), I knew things between me and this lady were going to get heated. To give some context, I live near the most poorly planned drive-thru I have ever seen in my life. Every day there is a police officer on site directing traffic because it is so bad. But I need a venti Americano with an extra shot in order to live, so I endure it daily. I could tell by the amount of time it took her to turn her car into the line and her confusion about where to put her car that she was going to piss a line of very tired people off. At one point I was waving my arms, pointing to where she was supposed to line up so other drivers could exit; telling her to pull forward so other cars could pass by and park. She ignored my waving and huffing and puffing. 15 Minutes later and the longest Starbucks order later (naturally), I place my obnoxious order and drive up to the window only to have the barista tell me…the woman I was verbally shooing and gasping about had bought my coffee. As I looked up to see her lock eyes with me. I waved politely and she gave me a genuine smile.

And MAN, did I feel like a DICK. As I should have. I was flaming mad about nothing of importance. I was mad about nothing I could control. Worse— I was trying to control things (AND PEOPLE!) I had no business controlling. I was in a rush and just mad about living that day and it felt like I had been given a free pass to be an asshole to a stranger. And she seemed to know it.

Her kindness evaporated my bad attitude in a second and I promptly paid for the person behind me, exiting with a proverbial tail between my legs.

To this day I think about this incident a lot when I wake up with little patience for temper tantrums and the day-to-day slog of it all. Sometimes it feels like my inbox is shouting at me that the world is LITERALLY on fire. It’s not fun but part of riding that emotional wave of being human.

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but as a hot-headed impatient person, I thought I’d share a couple tips for being a little more bearable when you’re just having a DAY.

1. Do something nice for a stranger. It is so easy to do and if all of us emulated what this lady did for me, I bet you there would be far fewer scowling faces in line at the ‘Bucks.

2. Give a co-worker a compliment, and really mean it. When you’re feeling bad about yourself it is easy to let that energy simmer throughout the day. Have a pleasant exchange with someone you are working with is a great way to stop obsessing over your own problems by treating someone the way you wish were treating yourself.

3. Clear your schedule and make room for what you need. The other day I left the office at 2 pm on a Thursday, booked a hotel in a neighboring small town, had a cheeseburger and beer all to myself and a night alone in bed. I gave myself some time to just ride that emotional wave instead of suppressing it as its intensity was getting stronger.

4. Talk it out on tape. I’ve started utilizing voice memos when I need to work through a problem. This was something I did when I was in therapy and hearing myself talk through my fears made them seem a lot smaller than how it sounded in my head.

5. Cuddle a puppy. Seriously. Works every time. And if you can’t find a willing fur baby or are allergic to animals, spend an hour watching whatever makes you laugh online. Just set a time and make a deal with yourself that you won’t spend the whole day avoiding the world.

6. Surprise! If none of these things work and you still hate everything— spend all day looking at stupid videos online and try again tomorrow.

Any tips to share with us? Embarrassing stories of being called out for being “that person”? Or are you that poor woman I was trying to rush in line at Starbucks? If so, I FORGIVE and thank you for putting things in perspective with your kindness.

Malik Ruben

The author Malik Ruben